Automated Trading Signals Attracting Investors to ASI Token Presale as Q2 2023 Approaches

Automated Trading Signals Attracting Investors to ASI Token Presale as Q2 2023 Approaches

Investors have long been attracted to the crypto markets for their innate profitability. In fact, cryptocurrency is the most lucrative asset class ever to exist, owing to the speculative nature of blockchain technology and its disruptive capabilities.

The AltSignals crypto platform has long been helping traders maximize investment returns through automated trading signals. As the crypto platform expands, it is expected to revolutionize the process of trading thanks to an AI-powered toolkit that forecasts crypto market volatility.

Crypto platform AltSignals is making great strides in the field of automated trading

Automated trading signals have attracted significant interest over recent years, as algorithmic tools such as AltAlgo™ have helped traders of all skill levels maximize investment returns. JP Morgan reported in 2020 that more than 60% of trades worth over $10 million were executed by automated trading tools and recently stated that AI could disrupt the financial markets.

AltAlgo™ is the proprietary trading tool released by AltSignals, a crypto platform expanding its blockchain offering to include a new automated trading protocol that is powered by artificial intelligence. Automated trading tools can help institutional and retail investors by condensing complex data into a single buy or sell signal with unrivaled accuracy.

 AltSignals’ token ASI is now available during its presale. ASI was initially made available at $0.012 and is scheduled to rise to $0.02274 by the final stage of investment. The token will power the crypto platform’s new blockchain services, including a new-and-improved automated trading tool called ActualizeAI.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals has shared profitable trading signals with 50,000 community members since it launched in 2017. The crypto platform is specially designed to help traders navigate market volatility – AltAlgo™ has consistently had over 70% accuracy since it first launched and helped traders who matched its trades to 10x their portfolio in 19 separate months.

The crypto platform’s new automated trading stack, ActualizeAI, is expected to further optimize the accuracy rate of AltSignals’ existing tools. ActualizeAI leverages machine learning capabilities to continually improve the frequency and accuracy of automated trading signals, which could revolutionize how people trade the crypto markets.

ActualizeAI is set to analyze vast amounts of market data, including sentiment levels, and provides automated trading signals directly to its users. AltSignals has a proven track record for success that goes back over 5 years, which has led to great excitement surrounding the project’s new AI-based development.

How does ASI work?

The ASI token is used to provide access to ActualizeAI. Holders can also stake ASI tokens on the AltSignals platform to earn a passive yield on their long-term investment. They can also vote on governance proposals for new community-led initiatives.

Token holders will also gain access to the  AI Members Club, providing a host of new benefits for the crypto platform’s users. Among these benefits are early-stage crypto investment opportunities, where traders can buy into up-and-coming Web3 projects during their earliest fundraising rounds.

The AI Members Club will also host trading tournaments where traders can compete for the chance to win significant crypto prizes. The club will also allow members to test out new automated trading tools before they are officially released, which can help give users an advantage over other market participants.

Can ASI reach $0.40 in 2023?

The ASI token has deflationary tokenomics and vast utility within the AltSignals platform. The expanded offering from the crypto platform is expected to attract major levels of demand, owing to the innate profitability of the services provided.

Not only will ASI token holders access an industry-leading trading toolkit, but they can also participate in lucrative early-stage investment opportunities for new crypto projects. The AltSignals platform is designed to help its users make a profit in the crypto market, which is a key reason why there is significant demand for the ASI token.

Some expert price predictions for ASI after the crypto presale is over $0.50. The presale will raise the value of ASI to $0.02274 before it is launched on digital asset exchanges, meaning that presale investors make a 25x return if AltSignals hits its mid-term price target.

Are AI-based crypto protocols the next sector to take off?

Artificial intelligence and blockchain are rapidly evolving technologies disrupting the digital world. The number of projects that leverage artificial intelligence is continually rising, with many of the top projects producing significant returns in recent months. (FET) has risen over 900% since the beginning of 2023, while The Graph (GRT) has tripled in value. AltSignals could follow suit after the ASI token presale, which has already attracted $112k in just 1 day.

AI-based crypto protocols will likely keep expanding over the coming months and years. The range of use cases for artificial intelligence within the realm of Web3 is growing, and AltSignals looks set to revolutionize automated trading by leveraging the new technology.

Is ASI worth buying?

The ASI token presale could be a prime investment opportunity over the coming years. AltSignals is improving automated trading tools through the use of artificial intelligence, which could serve an increasing number of users as the crypto market enters its next bull phase. Investors who participate in the ASI presale are expected to see significant investment returns as a result.

The token is currently available at the $0.012 price level; however, it will rise before the end of the presale. Regardless of the price at which investors buy ASI, it certainly seems to be a great buy for its utility alone.

You can participate in the $ASI crypto presale here.

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