Chancer mainnet launch after current presale a perfect timing for 2024 Olympics

Chancer mainnet launch after current presale a perfect timing for 2024 Olympics

  • The Chancer mainnet will go live in Q1 2024 after the product development testnet in Q4 2023.
  • The mainnet launch will allow users to bet on Olympic Games which will start on Friday, 26 Jul 2024.
  • The ongoing Chancer presale is scheduled to end in Q3 2023 to give way for the launch sequence to begin.

While the decentralized betting platform Chancer offers an opportunity for users to bet on anything including on events between friends, the first major gaming event after the platform’s mainnet launch will be the 2024 Olympics.

A majority of the currently available betting platforms major on ball games especially football and basketball. However since Chancer is designed to allow users to literally bet on anything, it will be the first major betting platform for those who would want to bet on the many Olympics events.

Chancer’s revolutionary betting approach

Chancer is the world’s first decentralized predictive market-making platform and it will give bettors the opportunity to customize and create peer-to-peer (P2P) markets in real-time on a wide range of interests including award shows, sports, and international politics.

In addition, Chancer lets users create their own betting markets and set their own odds, in contrast to conventional betting platforms where the house determines the odds. This degree of customization and control is unheard of in the gambling industry and demonstrates Chancer’s creative thinking.

In essence, Chancer is setting a new standard for online betting in addition to revolutionising it. This platform offers a fun and reliable betting experience by fusing blockchain technology with the thrill of gambling.

Why invest in Chancer?

The CHANCER token allows users to create their own markets and place bets on others, enabling participation. One of the main goals of the project is to influence how betting evolves in the Web3 environment, and Chancer’s users play a key role in that.

The CHANCER token is expected to appreciate through the presale stages from the current price of $0.010 to $0.021, meaning early investors will be in profit when the token starts listing on cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the project’s roadmap, the CHANCER token is scheduled to go live on Uniswap, Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, and at least two centralized cryptocurrency exchanges in Q3, 2023.

Chancer is on the path to becoming a decentralized autonomous organization, and it has painstakingly created a roadmap outlining that journey (DAO). Key components of the roadmap include unbiased market moderators for fair outcomes and a Share2Earn program that rewards user engagement. Chancer distinguishes itself as a long-term endeavour committed to developing a user-focused and transparent betting platform by laying out a clear course for growth.

With Chancer offering a chance for anyone to bet on literally anything, the 2024 Olympics is expected to bring quite a huge outpour to the decentralized betting platform that will have just launched its mainnet. The event will most likely also result in a surge in the value of the CHANCER token seeing that it is at the core of the Chancer ecosystem.

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