Chancer price up to $0.012 in presale

Chancer price up to $0.012 in presale

  • Chancer welcomes decentralised betting, allowing more user participation and flexibility.

  • Chancer price has risen to $0.013 as presale continues amid strong demand.

  • Analysts expect the value of the Chancer token price to rise up to 50 times on betting trends.

The price of the Chancer token is now $0.012, a rise from the initial $0.010 and previous $0.011. The price will rise to $0.013 in the next stage presale. While the price changes are fixed in tokenomics, there are visible signs of increased buying. A total of over $2.217 million has been raised in presale as investors make bullish bets. According to the project’s roadmap, the Chancer token will be listed on Uniswap and other CEXs in Q3 2023. Analysts believe the token could witness strong increases after listing owing to the project’s use case. The token is available for purchase via the Chancer website.

What is Chancer?

Chancer is a decentralised betting platform. The platform aims to bring betting closer to the user through blockchain. It also allows investors to earn in a variety of ways, expanding what the current betting platforms offer.

From a betting sense, Chancer allows users to create peer-to-peer betting markets. In this betting system, users bet against friends, family, and acquaintances. The method makes betting fun and engaging, allowing Chancer to grow. 

In the P2P model, users create their betting markets and determine the rules and odds. Say you strongly believe company X will debut a new product in January, but your friend differs. You can create a P2P market for the probabilistic outcome on Chancer. You and your friend (peer) can then bet on the outcome. 

You can think of any other event and create a Chancer market for it. The increased number of events that one can bet on expands the scope of betting. As more users join, Chancer will have a great opportunity to grow and occupy a crucial position in betting.

From an investment perspective, Chancer carries a huge opportunity. Creators can build real-time betting games and earn from their skills and dedication. A staking feature will also be available for holders of Chancer tokens. This is a good way to contribute towards the growth of the Chancer platform and earn passive income. 

Other ways to earn through Chancer include sharing the platform. Users are rewarded as more users join the network and help Chancer grow. There are also discounted fees to be enjoyed by Chancer token holders for using the platform.

Will Chancer rise by 50x by the end of 2023?

Betting is one of the fastest-growing sectors, and Chancer could benefit from the trends. Consequently, analysts have lauded Chancer token as a 50x investment. By making betting available to everyone and giving them flexibility, the prediction is justified.

However, looking at the project’s roadmap, the projected 50x increase could be too soon for 2023. Chancer is in its infancy, and crucial project development, like the mainnet, will occur in early 2024. The timeline means any prolonged and sustainable gains to take to 50x could happen in the medium to long term.

In 2023, the value of Chancer will be driven by speculations after the token lists. A projected increase of about 10x is more realistic. 

Is Chancer worth buying this week?

Chancer value has been rising at every stage of the presale. Buying the token this week is advantageous before the price increases in the next stage. When the presale ends, investors who bought the token early will get assets with greater value.

Also, buying Chancer in the presale is beneficial. Tokens of presale carry a low risk since they are selling at a value less than the market. When Chancer is listed on CEXs, the token could skyrocket, and investors will spend more to buy. Buying now allows the investors to capitalise on possible price gains expected due to listing speculations.

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