NFT certification protocol Wakweli partners with Polygon

NFT certification protocol Wakweli partners with Polygon

Key takeaways

  • NFT certification protocol Wakweli has entered into a strategic partnership with Polygon.

  • The partnership would enable all digital assets on Polygon to become compatible with Wakweli’s certification system. 

  • Polygon recently launched its Polygon zkEVM on mainnet after months of development. 

Wakweli announces a strategic partnership with polygon

Wakweli, the web3 infrastructure protocol that issues certificates of authenticity for non-fungible tokens, has announced a strategic partnership with the Polygon blockchain platform.

In a press release shared with Coinjournal, Wakweli said the partnership enables all digital assets on Polygon to become compatible with the certification system that has been developed by its team. 

Every NFT project holder on the chain will also be able to request authenticity certificates for each of their assets, the team added. 

In addition to this, advanced use-case scenarios will also be available for developers via the Wakweli platform and API. Wakweli said it would provide the necessary support for developers and project holders. 

While commenting on this latest cryptocurrency news, Antoine Sarraute, Co-Founder of Wakweli, said;

“Since 2021, when ETH fees skyrocketed, Polygon established itself as the go-to chain to mint assets and has performed extremely well ever since – it is now the home of incredible NFT projects. We built Wakweli to create a safer web3 space across all chains, and today we are thrilled to collaborate with Polygon. This will enable Wakweli’s certification power to all Polygon users and unlock a definitive way to fight scam attempts, creating more trust in this thriving ecosystem.”

Wakweli secures $1.1 million in funding

Wakweli’s partnership with Polygon comes after the protocol secured $1.1 million in funding. The project was able to successfully secure the funds after onboarding a number of early backers, including VCs and angel investors. 

Wakweli is a community-powered protocol that incentivises its users to review certificate requests using a unique consensus method known as Proof-of-Democracy (PoD), with all certified assets carrying a green tick. 

Wakweli’s platform issues certificates of authenticity for NFTs and other tokenised assets to combat fraud in the growing web3 ecosystem.

Polygon, on the other hand, has been one of the most active blockchain projects in recent months. Polygon Lab recently announced the launch of the Polygon zkEVM on the mainnet as it seeks to bring more scaling developments to the Ethereum ecosystem. 

Polygon also partnered with immutable X earlier this month in a bid to accelerate web3 game development. 

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